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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lime Green Leopard

Oh my, what, um, interesting spots you have. Hair-on cowhide dyed LIME GREEN with leopard print, and big 'ol teal rhinestones, which, by the way, do not match the green at all. Awesome, really.


  1. uhmmm, the glass stones complement the green? Nope, that doesn't work.
    A color blind tack maker did it?
    The leopard got moldy?
    I give up.

  2. Wow.

    Either pattern on its own would be.... special.

    Together? I think this is the most tacky headstall you have ever featured.

  3. Pair that up with the green horse trailer on Unique Horse Trailers and, well...

    Let's just all say nobody will miss your arrival, departures or wish they were you.

  4. I would say that was absolutely faaaabulous...but none of my gay friends would match green and teal!

  5. Yuck. =P I've been keeping an eye out locally for green tack/polos/etc. as I'm going to be in a parade at the end of the month and the theme is all about "Going Green" So we're all planning on dressing ourselves and our horses as if St. Patrick's day is a week and a half late. =P

    But I can't think of a reason to EVER use a set like that! Eww... =S

  6. I saw this saddle and immediately thought of you.

  7. Is it sick? Green with spots. Yea...I think it's a little queezy.