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Friday, March 26, 2010

Seeing Red

Sorry for the no-post yesterday, my computer decided it hated Blogger and refused to open the site. Fine today, who knows. Anyway, today I have a saddle that was sent to me by a reader who found it on It is a RED leather "jamping" saddle. I assume they mean jumping, but maybe "jamping" is a new sport requiring a hideous red saddle to compete in. At any rate, this looks like one of those high quality, made in India specials.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, my horse is being moved up here today, so I am excited!


  1. Yay for getting your horse near you!

    As for that saddle, yuck! It looks like it would be slippery and the flap looks like somebody took it and stretched it too long, everything on it looks too low.

  2. It's kind of like On-Star -- when the airbags deploy, a call is made. This saddle will scream "Rider Down" whether in ring, trail or hunt field. . . .so long as the horse doesn't figure out a way to get the hideous thing off on its own. . . .

  3. Wow... it looks laquered

    or like some horrid vinyl fetish object

    It makes me want to run get some maxi pads and put 'em all over it

  4. Whoa, red is my favorite color, but...

    Did someone buy a cheap leather saddle and spray paint it with red enamel paint? That is wayyyy too glossy to be just polished leather. It must be a circus saddle. I can see a clown doing dressage in this one.

  5. Reminds of the "cheap" red they put on economy cars and then when you look at a sports car, it has a really nice "jazzy" color of red on it. This is "Yugo" of saddles! Cheap red color, low quality and just gross!

  6. I can't imagine my horse allowing that thing near him. My pony freaked out over a hot pink saddle pad once. This thing would freak me out!

  7. But, but, but, but, the red matches the coats of some of the grand prix level jumpers.... wouldn't they want to ride in a perty saddle that matches?

    No, no, nevermind that it looks like it is slicker than snot on a doorknob.

    Don't dare mention the paint, dye or whatever would likely rub off all over their uber exphensiiive breeches...

    And the comments above^^^^ you guys are cracking me up!

  8. It's hard to believe anyone would actually buy this stuff. Anyone have photos of these really awful saddles actually in use?

    1. I do have a photo !! :P
      but, mines away better red & a JUMPING saddle :D

  9. Brilliant! that your horse will be closer ; )

    The saddle?

    Um ......... anyone got a vomit bag handy?

    Seriously, that screams "Super El Cheapo!!!"

    ............. just hideous !

  10. great that your horse is moving closer! more time to ride! :)
    as for that saddle...coulndt you just imagine it on a strawberry roan or chesnut? BAD BAD BAD!

  11. Oh. Oh. My. I simply cannot imagine anyone even wanting this---maybe a drill team wanting coordinated tack?????

  12. Is it red or pink?

    Oh yeah, its an unholy color halfway between the two.

  13. Do a search on the UK Ebay for "jamping" and you can see that the seller has baby blue ones too! :-P

  14. I can gloss over the red (pun intended, yes groan) because I'm so stuck on wanting to know what on earth is Jamping? Is it when horse and rider Jam themselves into the jumps? The object being not to clear the jump, er, jamp, but to bulldoze it?

    sidesaddlegirl, you just thwarted my theory that they only make red to hide the blood! :) Ah well.

  15. I thought it had potential (unlike so many things on this blog). IF it was a better quality saddle and a different shade of red...
    is a little bit better)