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Monday, March 1, 2010

Saddle Assembly Fail

Um, I see a problem here (besides the obvious craptacular quality), does anyone else? This thing looks like it would fall apart on you if you looked at it wrong, much less actually roped a cow off of it. Really high quality equipment here.


  1. Now why didn't other saddle makers think of that? By putting the fender underneath the skirting, that big ridge of unprotected leather would rub on your leg better! ....LOL.

  2. I think they are hoping that all the tassels will distract you from the odd construction and crappy saddle!

  3. I believe someone cannot read the instructions, or they got ahead of themselves on the step by step pictures. LOL

  4. I really like all the little scraps laying around on the floor. Or are those the extra twisty ties they put it all together with? plastic zip ties maybe?

    Besides the rigging D's riveted into the leather, I'm thinking the leathers would irritate the horse's back as well.

  5. WTF???? What could they have possibly attached the fender to? There isn't anything to attach it under there....or shouldn't be anyhow.

  6. Those are plastic zip ties, yeah, Who Said That.


    I know nothing about western saddles and I still know that's wrong.

  7. Me too, I know absolutely nothing about western saddles but even I can see that's wrong.

    How did they imagine you would do up the girth with the fender in the way?

    And what's with all the dangly bits? That would drive me insane.

    And the colour? Impractical beyond words.

    And yes, cut cable ties all over the floor - very classy (Doh!) - like that's a surprise given the way it's been put together!!!!

    Oh dear .........

  8. If everyone would take a second look... There is a 'normal' skirt under there, underneath the fender/stirrup leathers. It's just the saddles rigging is big, obtrusive and in the way. Sorta 'out there and in your face' and you can't help but notice it first.

    Besides the fact that it would limit your stirrups positioning and swing, I imagine it would either pinch your leg or you would be constantly bumping you knee on it. Not fun or good either way.

    I agree- the cut up zip ties all over the floor just gives it an overall touch of low quality.

    Cheval Noire-And what's with all the dangly bits? That would drive me insane.

    Those would be saddle strings, useful for tying down your gear. Saddlebags with lunch, booze, fence repair equipment, medication for treating cattle, ropes, bedroll, rifle scabbard- the list is endless. Not a lot of people use their saddles for any or all of that anymore, but it's always good to have options.

  9. lol, but think about how still it would keep your leg! You'd dominate horsemanship classes...that is, if you'd be seen dead in that saddle at a horse show...

  10. CNJ, my saddle still gets used to carry booze...but it's an English saddle so I use a flask. :)

    Is it the lighting or is that a pale tan gray color for the saddle overall? GACK.