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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scary Pink BRIDLE of the Week

Pink, hair-on cowhide, zebra print, and rhinestones. Could it BE scarier? Yuck.

Leaving for Gulf Wars today at noon. I may or may not be taking the lappie, but I will try to post if I do.


  1. But it doesn't quite match my new awesome spur straps:,20187.html

    Too bad!

  2. Yeah, it could be more scary. But that is a frightening thought. How about the rhinestones in a different color, like purple? Or hang some crosses off it too?
    I just made myself sick.

  3. Puhleeeeze do not let our attention whore Sheriff Joe see that. His mounted posse could then sport pink and prison stripes all in one shot. Poor horses if he does!

  4. OUCH. my eyes hurt! if i came at my boy with that he would probably run ten miles...a rarity with him!

  5. It looks like it came from the 80's! I think I remember actually wearing pink and black zebra print spandex! LOL!

  6. Horrible is the only word that springs to mind :(