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Monday, March 29, 2010

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Wow, niiiiice. Screaming yellow and black, cheaply made synthetic, and absolutely HIDEOUS. What a winning color combination.

The Silly Red Filly is now safely installed in her new home. I went Saturday to Sue's Tack in Benton, AR (if you are ever in the area this place must be SEEN to be believed) and bought all new grooming stuff, a new saddle blanket and a set of sport boots for her. I also got her a little ear net, which I haven't shown to her yet. Ya'll are all going to be disappointed in me now, it is all purple! I have been searching for a "color" for her and settled on plum, as when she sheds out to her summer coat she is a plum tinged liver chestnut. I had to settle on royal purple because I can't FIND the plum color I want, which sucks, because the plum looks GREAT, the royal is very, well, purple. LOL

I do however vow, on pain of bedazzlement, to NEVER put anything with rhinestones, hair on cowhide, fringe, angora goat hair, ostrich, or multiple pounds of glitter on her. Or to go beyond just a SOLID purple saddle pad and sport boots (believe me if they had a set of 4 in black I would have done that).


  1. Purple, really? I guess I don't have room to talk because of my "unique" saddlepad/polo wrap sets, but PURPLE?


  3. Purple sounds good to me.
    Bumble bee saddle I'm still trying to figure out!

  4. Purple's not bad on a mare, IMO. Although I'm one of those people who wouldn't dream of approaching a stallion or gelding with pink or purple.

    I'd like to do up my bay tobiano in either black or lime green after he's trained.

    Ugly bumblebee saddle is very, very ugly. Looks unsafe, too. Does it at least turn into a Transformer?

  5. Seriously, I could handle purple. It is a nice color. Yay, you.

  6. WOO HOO!!!! Purple is my favorite color! You are awesome! My black and white mare with blue eyes is done up in black tack with a sapphire blue dressage pad and purple Snugpaks. The most bling she has are the purple, clear and sapphire rhinestones I painstakingly glued onto the boring plain 1/2" silver conchos that came on her bridle. It's just enough to make her beautiful blue eyes stand out!

    Sorry you can't find plum. It's definitely hard to find. I found raspberry in some of Weaver's products, but it's also very hard to match. It's SO gorgeous on a gray mare, though!

  7. Yay for horse proximity!!! :D

    Purple is fine. Actually who cares what color your wraps, fly nets, brushes etc. are?!?!?!!

  8. I am going through a purple or nothing phase/craze myself. Making the big mare a new halter. And yes it is purple and grey/silver. Wanted the purple splint boots, but I can't find any so blue will suffice for now... I'm with you on this one.

    The bumble bee look? Not so much. Who thinks up this stuff and who actually buys it? I would just like to see their tack room and the rest of the ensemble. Then again, maybe not.

  9. You featured this saddle once before - I remember the crappy crease.

  10. Aw too bad because I love sparkles. Every horse should get the chance to wear sparkles. :P
    (This coming from someone who likes to purposely dress geldings in pink and purple just because.)