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Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, I guess sequins, glitter and rhinestones are just not enough for some folks. Flashy is taking on a whole new meaning. Someone sent me an email with a link to this company that sells light up flashing pads and boots. Now, if these were marketed as a safety item, for riding at night or for mounted patrol horses, I could see the sense in it. But, they are of course marketed as fashion accessories. Good grief folks, as if we NEED more flashy items. Here are some pics for you.

Now, you can't really get the full effect of this without going to the website. Inside the stars they have flashing LEDs that light up when the horse moves like those sneakers that kids wear. The site has a lovely little flashing effect on the pics for you.


  1. Oh, look, they come in your favorite color.....PINK!!!!

    Actually, for a Fourth of July parade, rodeo.....even twilight riding....I like the blue ones with stars.

    The plain ones, not so much.

  2. haha. I have a couple horses that would die of embaressment... and one gelding that would probably think he looks FAAAABulous!

  3. *URP* I think I just threw up in my mouth a little....

    Although I can see the use of these out here in AZ where we do moonlight rides. Just another way for motorists to see us. Especially when they're drunk and barreling down a 35 mph road at 55 mph....

    For the Tennessee Walking Horse
    When the Painted Horse Comes
    The Murder of the English Language

  4. TooTiredToRide, (LOVE your handle)

    one gelding that would probably think he looks FAAAABulous!

    Is he gay? :)

  5. I was wondering where you would use these. Katphoti has come up with the only sensible time - trail rides where you may end up near traffic as it is getting dark. I just cannot see any point to these. blech

  6. Katphoti- actually they do have some reflective tape, type stuff available for nighttime riding in some of the catalogs, but yeah, ya gotta wait until their lights are on you before it reflects and they see you.

    I like the blue boots with the stars, the pad and bell boots, not so much. Do I want everything lighting up? I think I will pass.

    When they stop lighting up- the kiddy shoes do- is there some way you are supposed to dispose of them? Or can you send them back for new light-ups?

  7. I would love to have a set of the red, white and blue ones with lights, boots and pad. But damn!! I can get a really nice set with out lights for a lot less. I would use them for parades! I can just hear people commenting on them. You should hear it now when I put glitter on hooves. I ride in 3 to 5 parades every summer.

  8. I know one horse that would be CERTAIN he was being attacked by mini light monsters...

  9. I think the lighting-up-with-each-step thing would be really funny and interesting for about 2 minutes. After that there would be no point.

  10. I actually like the pad! I'd wear it for a dusk ride or an evening show.

    I can also picture the the little girl that has all of the bright highlighter pink tack would also have the blinky pad on a fat little pokey pony.

  11. The boots could be kinda cute on a little kid's shetland or something, but my horse would never forgive me for it!

    I don't know if this company ships to America, but they make specially designed flashing reflective wear for horses.