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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Feature - The Brown Cow Saddle Blanket Company

I found this company this morning. I was searching for a feature for today, and ran across Custom Handmade Saddle Blankets by Christina Bergh . She hand weaves these saddle blankets from 100% Merino wool or mohair. She can match any color, the yarn is hand dyed in her shop and can add custom wear leathers or custom beadwork panels. Her work is absolutely GORGEOUS! I have done some weaving with wool and I can tell you, it is not easy! I am very impressed with her work. There are some truly remarkable colors and patterns on these blankets. She also does custom beadwork headstalls and breastcollars as well as historical reproductions and a multitude of rugs and wall hangings. Here are a couple of teaser pics for you.

Custom saddle blanket with beadwork accents and matching bridle/breastcollar.

Custom beaded bridle and breastcollar set.

Some of her custom woven saddle blankets.

Go check out her site if you have time. There are some truly amazing pieces there.


  1. So, I understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to do the beadwork on that headstall and breastcollar, but exactly why is that better looking than some of the fugly tack you've featured. I still think it looks tacky, regardless of workmanship, and would never make my horse wear it. Her saddle blankets are gorgeous, though.

  2. Well, that is your opinion, and therefore you are entitled to it. I like most of the beaded stuff. You don't have to. What I feature on this blog is my opinion, you don't have to agree with it. That's the way this whole freedom of speech and such works. I am sure some folks think the saddle blankets are tacky, they too are entitled to their opinion.

  3. As a former production weaver, dyer, and (still) spinner, I am impressed with her work. It IS difficult, especially saddle blankets; which must wear hard and remain good looking. You have to get the warp and woof spacing exactly right. Not to mention know your micron count and twist. Merino: lucky horses.

    I love the bead work. Beautifully done. LOL, Forget the horse, I'd wear it. Clearly an artist.

    Yeah we all like different stuff. :-)

  4. I have LOOOOVED the brown cow pads since finding them a few years ago, and posted links a few times on FHOTD.

    Those pads are gorgeous! I believe Horspoor has one or wants one badly.

  5. The pads are so beautiful and vivid! They are now DEFINITELY on my wishlist! Thanks for showing us this!

  6. I love the subtle intricate work...the saddle pads are SO beautiful...i'm an english rider but i can see the beauty in these!

  7. Beautiful craftsmanship!!! I dabble in beadwork, and I know the hours spent on it. That beadwork appears to be wrapped around the leather. I've always loomed mine to the size of the leather.....wonder if it's mounted on something???

    I love that you put the *good stuff* up on've given me several ideas.

  8. If anyone lives near the Mall of America, Brown Cow has their own store there. I went there several years ago and about had a heart attack when I saw a tack store IN THE MALL! It's true: the Mall of America DOES have everything!

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