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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Return of the Barbie Saddle

Just when I thought I had found the scariest pink Barbie saddle out there, someone one-ups me. A reader sent me this one, and it is HIDEOUS. Yikes. It even comes with matching bridle and breastcollar. Now all it needs is a pink saddle pad and pink SMBs to go with it, and maybe some pink glitter on the horse too. That would be great. Leather is not supposed to be that color, it's just unnatural.


  1. OMG! Wow. I remember Western Barbie - she had serious garage door eyeshadow, and winked suggestively when you pushed the button in her back. We only got her because she came with Dallas the palomino, the only horse big enough for Barbie - all the Breyers were too small.

    Wow. That is one wack ensemble.

    There's something oddly appealing about it, though... maybe because it's so EXTREMELY girly, with the scrollwork - it carries the theme through ALL the way, and I admire that. It actually looks decently made...

  2. PERFECT for the barrel racer sponsored by Pepto Bismal!

    And I thought I just hated pink — but I really hate THAT pink. Yuck!

  3. oh dear... i have a horse named BARBIE and i think she would buck me right off if i put all of that on her! goooodness.


    ^^^ Another one that I was just going to email to you! Pretty darn close to being the same!

  5. Oh my! I love that they felt it necessary to photograph the saddle on a fence with pink flowers as props. As if we NEED any more pink in that photo!!!

  6. I like it. I can so see this on a fat little black pony (assuming it came in pony size) with a button-busting proud little girl riding.

    Much easier on the eyes than that Our Lady of Guadalupe tack........

  7. wow....... that made me speechless...

    I love pink, but is small doses...

  8. I really like it. I would NEVER put it on my horse, mind you, but I do really like it. It's the scrollwork on the pink leather and the 6 yr. old self absolutely adores it. Buy it, no. Adore it, yes. I've looked at it six times. :) If I were still 6 yrs old, I would buy it.

  9. Pink is my favorite color...that said...holy cow. I'm with Wendy: it's a kids dream.

    I'm going to show my ignorance here, can anyone fill me in on why the brass rings instead of latigos???? Please tell me they aren't seatbelt hooks...

  10. Oh dear...someone needs their pink paint taken away. I don't think this leather is very good quality either, the saddle looks uncomfortable too. And that pink...BLECH!!!!

  11. I think dying the horse a nice shade of pastel blue, and then adding some glitter would be a nice touch! Oh, my.... Rainbow ponies, anyone?

  12. " I can so see this on a fat little black pony (assuming it came in pony size) with a button-busting proud little girl riding." That's AWESOME.

    As for the brass rings... is this a contesting or trail oriented saddle? I've posted somewhere before about a friend who borrowed a Pepto-pink SUEDE (the real thing) barrel saddle for a weekend of trail riding. Her suede schooling chaps stuck on that thing like velcro.

  13. SPUTTER, GAG, CHOKE.........PUKE! Everything about this SCREAMS tacky tack. It is the ultimate in what I hate.

    I could see a kid riding in this, mom taking pictures, growing up, looking and the pictures and wondering "What was I THINKING"!!!

  14. I feel bad for the person who had to come into the shop every morning, lay eyes on this thing and think "GAWD! I gotta work on THAT!"

    Probably finished it in record time to get it out the door, so as not to hork their coffee coming into work every morning and seeing it still sitting there.

    The fence and flowers do it no favors either.

    A waste of materials and time if you ask me.

  15. cattypex,

    I have that exact same Barbie! Remember how you could "bend" her legs, but to do so took major strength and her legs would CRACK each time you bent it? I only had her because of Dallas as well. I also had Horse Lovin' Ken and his horse, Midnight! I still have all of them, too.

    As for the saddle--I have a friend that is going to LOVE this thing and is going to want it. She does pony parties, though, so it'll be great as a "western princess" saddle!

    For the Tennessee Walking Horse
    When the Painted Horse Comes
    The Murder of the English Language

  16. Brass rings are just a way to tie your saddlebags on. They just replace the latigo leathers. Tucker has them on their saddles, as does Crest Ridge Saddlery.