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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today I have a couple of "revisits".

Remember Bubba and his camo saddle? Well, it seem dat hi'cousin Boudreaux from sou'Lousiana (pronounce it phonetically, this is my attempt at typing in a Cajun accent) done got him a camo saddle too. Here she is, in her Mossy Oak glory. Now ol Boudreaux, de game warden no see him an his hoss in da swamp.

Next we revisit the patriotic saddles. A helpful reader sent me this link to a Polo supplier. They not only carry the British flag saddle, but several other countries as well. For all those wondering what the US one looks like, here it is.

Remember the pink and black English saddle from the very first post? Well, I have found one for the non-pink set. The same saddle, but in BLUE!!

Wow, the things people will do to tack never ceases to amaze and horrify me.


  1. (first?)

    I think that camo saddle is actualy kind of cool! No, i would NEVER own it, but can appreciate it. haha.

  2. I actually would like the blue saddle if it was done in better quality. That leather(is it leather?) looks awful and the blue areas are too plastic and shiny. The camo and patriotic? BLECH.

  3. Those are some pretty "interesting" finds. I never realized just how bad it could get.

  4. I did find a practial use for the scary polo saddles. Since it's a line drawing I printed on (Argentina) and I'll be using it to re-do my scale polo saddle pattern. I've never been 100% happy with it and haven't had the time to sit down and do a re-draw. It prints out of scale, but that's what the copier is for.

    That blue saddle is just, BARF.

  5. The camo saddle looks more moldy than mossy. The blue one - craptastic!!

  6. Until I found this blog, I never knew such things existed. Oh yeah, I had seen colorful synthetic saddles in my Jeffers catalog & other catalogs, but not on the scale as your finds.
    Why does the blue parts of that English saddle look like plastic?

  7. The blue parts look like plastic because of the type of leather. It's the same thing used in some hand bags, luggage and shoes, almost a patent leather. To get the color requires a different process than just dying the leather. Then again, it could be plastic depending on where the saddle is from.

  8. Ladypr, I have to say that YES, 'colors' are different than browns and black, but quality is still quality. The hideous "Union Jack" Devocoux "Ioldy" that was featured here last month did NOT look plastic. It's frightening and expensive, but they are custom fitted and utilize high quality leathers.

    I dye leather regularly, tho rarely in 'color'. Good leather still looks like leather after being dyed other colors than browns and black.

  9. Oh, scaequestrian, dare me to make a saddle in a flag pattern in 1/9 scale. I may do it!

  10. OOOOH! Pat, that would be SO cool! I might would even "model" it on some of my showstring for you! I have a Ruffian that kicks butt in OF Performance. Unfortunately most of my CMs and Resins are TWH or Spanish.

  11. My tail-less Ruffian is going to be a polo pony eventually. Needs A LOT of CM'ing first, considering the whole tail is gone. Perhaps she'd like to have an Argentine flag saddle. I'll have to experiment with leather paints and dyes. My local Tandy store owner has *quite* the sense of humor, he'll help!

    I was also thinking of the Ioldy. Somebody has a blue one. It may be Darren Chiachia. I want to make one any way, may as well make the gaudy one too. But it will all have to wait until I get the CM orders closer to done. I'm behind, again.

  12. that camo saddle does look moldy. Gosh that's gross!

  13. What completes the cammo saddle is the matching gun holster. That's an accident waiting to happen.

    The patriotic one looks unreal. Is it a drawing or are the colors just that obnoxious? The blue one pales in comparison that that monstrosity.

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  15. Pat, There is a difference between leather that is dyed for color and leather that is color processed. I bought a piece of green luggage leather. It's very good quality American Tanned leather. It looks like plastic. It isn't dyed, it's processed. The finish was applied, then chemically bonded to the leather. The surface is smooth, no pours, no blemishes. And it isn't new leather. It's a piece of old stock from an old tack, shoe and luggage repair shop. Probably done pre 1960. I bought it to make inserts on my Medieval gear at some point.

    I ran a tack repair business for 20+ years. I quit because I developed an allergy to leather mold. I have dyed plenty of leather. There is also a difference in the way leather looks after being dyed with acrylic dyes as opposed to spirit dyes. Heavy applications of acrylic dye will produce a smooth plastic appearance. It will also crack and peel after a while or from heavy use. And I bought very little leather from Tandy. Most of my leather and supplies came from the people who supply Tandy. I still have accounts with many of them including Weaver and Wickett & Craig Of America, Inc. They both sell finished, color bonded leather for shoes and luggage.

  16. Hey!!! It's my blue saddle!!!! Only mine has a pretty pair of engraved irons on it.....LOL.....

    Now, I just took a magnifying glass to my blue saddle.....and I think (I'm pretty sure) the blue parts are leather. I took a good look at the it wrinkles/flexes....there are a couple little slices where the blue was cut/sliced to fit over the cantle.....

    I got mine for $56 off eBay....and I gotta say....I've seen WAY worse quality on WAY more expensive saddles.....

    But I bought it as a *fun* thing. I'm working on a matching blue pad, trimmed out with silver and turquoise sequins.....

    OOOh, we will be stylin'!!!!!
    I even have cowboy boots to match.....LOL LOL

  17. we need to work on your cajun accent honey, that was pitiful
    awesomely horrendous saddles though!! :D