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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Tone

Here is an, ummm, interesting couple of saddles. I can't decide whether I like the first one or hate it. I am certainly impressed by the workmanship. I KNOW I hate the second one. Blech.


  1. the seat on the 2nd one looks comfy but the saddle is sooooo looooong. Must be for a "family" horse LOL

    I like the first one. The workmanship is excellent and it looks like it would be comfortable to ride in all day. And its just funky enough to suit me :-)

  2. Either one of those would be much prettier if the dark was lighter and the light was darker....if the two colors were closer in shade.

    Lots of craftsmanship in both, though.....

    No room for silver, though....where's the sparkle??? I need more sparkle!!!

  3. Neither one appeals to me. The first one also looks like a nightmare to clean. But I can see that some folks would like them.

  4. I hate the first one! I would like with the second if it didn't have the eagle.

  5. The first one would be a buggar to clean, can you imagine all the goo building up in the tiny spaces? But it is not that bad to look at. The second would be much better without the eagle that looks like a 6 year olf drew it. Here is a place with some beautiful, tastefully done two-tone saddles. (in my opinion anyway)

  6. The second one is 'meh' bordering on 'achk', but O. M. G...I looooove the first one! That is absolutely Gorgeous! Swap out the initials for a little {cough} silver corner... get rid of the brass stirrups... perfect! My show saddle is a whoopee $multi-K beaut ($900 divorce sale wonder w/ bridle/b. collar- yes!) with that hella deep tooling. Keep up on it and its not too bad at all. Q-tips & a soft dremel tip. Lots of Q-tips.

  7. The first one looks like a Keebler Fudge Stripe cookie to me..... in a pretty way. I think a nice soft long-bristled brush like a shaving brush would work, if you used it EVERY DAY...

    Or the very soft long-bristled brush attachment on a vaccuum cleaner?

    The eagle one... I think you have to smoke a Marlboro Red while you're riding on it....

  8. that last one is cool! my sister loves bald eagles but not so much for horses. but if she rode horses more, (other than sitting on a mini pony and horsey rides at the fair) this would be the saddle for her!! but if there's a cat-themed saddle out there..... she would SOO buy it!