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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tack

Today I bring to you a lovely piece in an equally lovely color. I present for your horrified stares, a screaming lime green saddle and accessory set. This thing is truly painful to look at. It hurts my head. Oooh, and it has silver, fake ostrich leather, and rhinestones too!!


  1. What's sad is I know a lady who'd buy that in an instant!

  2. I was on a drill team where one of the riders wore bright green. Two of us got together and showed up in LOTS of bright orange just to "tease" her. She was less than amused and quit the team. If you can't laugh at yourself, you are taking yourself WAY too seriously!

  3. I read this line-

    a screaming lime green

    as 'a screaming slime green'

    either one works well.

    That is just a bit to much of any color for my tastes. Even if it weren't so obnoxious.

  4. I rather like it......I'd like it even more if the leather was all one color. I'm not fond of light/dark together on tack.......

  5. Why oh why is it almost always western people that have this horrid stuff? BTW - I primarily ride western! I find it a little embarrassing.

    You do not find this crap in the cowhorse events though.

  6. Yay! I've been looking for a set like this ,you see my horse is hot pink with purple polka dots and I think this will contrast nicely!

  7. CNJ-
    How about Screaming Slime QUEEN?

  8. The sad thing is that I actually like lime green, but not this................

    I ride with a tropically colored dressage pad - yes, some lime green in it.

  9. I hate fake ostrich leather. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I like the real stuff. Go figure.

    For the Tennessee Walking Horse
    When the Painted Horse Comes
    The Murder of the English Language

  10. Ummm... I actually kind of like it.


  11. I like the saddle pad because I do like bright colors. The saddle however puts the whole thing over the top for me.

  12. Maybe for a drag queen's horse.

    What was the old Coco Channel adage? Something to the effect of take a good look in the mirror before stepping out the door and remove one item. The people accessorizing their equines like this could use that mantra.

  13. Wow... I usually love lime green, too. But.... NO YOU MAY NOT.

    Remember when ostrich was the "meat of the future"?

    Shouldn't there now be plenty of REAL ostrich hide? Alpaca hide? Llama hide? Hedgehog hide.... gotta love the trendy weird livestock crazes!

  14. Welll, I like it, except the ostrich, that gets me no matter what saddle its on.