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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yipes! Stripes!

Today I am showcasing tack inspired by the striped equid of the African savannah. Some of these are worse than others. Some are downright scary.

This one isnt so bad. For a trail riding or endurance bridle. It might be cute on a black horse.

This is a bit much, but overall not too bad.

Ok, Ok, I know these aren' t tack, but WOW. These are bull rider chaps. I sure hope whomever wears them is secure in his masculinity.

Woot! Stripey polos! It would drive me batty that the stripes wouldn't line up.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but I have never seen a Zebra this color!


  1. I have wanted a zebra print saddle pad for a while now.


  3. Oh God, those wonderful chaps reminded me of a story.

    When I was in high school, I worked at a tack shop that specialized in Western-wear: hats, boots, shirts, etc. We once had this skinny blond girl with fake everything come in and were wondering what she was doing there.

    She was looking for a pair of hot pink boots, preferably knee high, that she would wear on stage. Yup, she was a stripper.

    True story. Unfortunately I'll never forget it.

  4. It would drive me batty that the stripes wouldn't line up.

    OMG! You and me both! I am so glad I'm not the only one that OCD, by the way...

  5. What about that zebra from the fruit striped gum? LOL....
    I gotta email TTOTD a pic of our gator saddles in the store I work brown and blue....ugh....
    Meghan.....We have alot of those kind of girls come into our store looking for boots (we sell new and used western stuff) since there is a "Coyote Ugly"-type bar nearby and the manager sends all his girls to us.

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  7. OMG. THE RAINBOW ZEBRA POLO THINGS. I want D: And they have lots of blue on them! I love shades of blue on my horsie, it brings out her gorgeous blue eyes! They would go well with her flower power halter :D

    We have "Serengeti" horse gear. Two pads (tiger and giraffe) and 3 pairs of polo wraps (tiger, cheetah, and giraffe). The polos hardly ever get used but the pads are almost on a horse daily!

    Also, I bought my best friend a hot pink zebra halter for christmas, and little girl at our barn has a hot pink zebra blinged out bronc halter.

    Oh. I came across this in the new Dover catalog today and was utterly baffled. Glad that they make it in only pony size!

  8. Barrel saddle said,

    What about that zebra from the fruit striped gum? LOL....

    I thought the EXACT same thing! Man, that gum sucked--it lost is flavor after about 10 chews!

  9. I have a similar story to Megan's. I worked in a tack shop. A woman came in and bought a very expensive horse hair whisk - the kind with the bone cane handle - about $100 nearly 25 years ago. Asked for a handwritten receipt as she could write it off as a business expense for her show - yep a stripper.
    As for those chaps - any guy that can ride a bull or wrestle a steer can wear whatever he wants - no one if going to make fun of him.

  10. OMG where did u find those pink and zebra chinks?!?! imma female bullrider and in love w/ them!!!!!

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  12. as a female bull rider i absolutely love those chaps...where did u find them?