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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Glitz and glamour, that's what we associate stars with. In scouring the Internet and looking over submissions by readers, I have come up with a few star-studded saddles for you.

This is an interesting saddle. I can't decide if it is OK or if I really hate it. I don't much care for the dark border or the pointy skirts.

This is another not too offensive one. Though I am not sure I like the reddish brown seat color with the blue.

Wow, this is, um, special. Are those silver lame' stars? Yikes.

Here is yet another of the faux-ostrich saddles. If it only had one star on the skirt, like the bridle and breastcollar, it might be less offensive. And the stars are asymmetrical, which REALLY bugs me.

Wow, is this not a craptastic saddle? It looks like a cheapo subthetic. Check out the wrinkles on the cantle. Love the shiny plasticy looking stars and star conchos too. Yuck.


  1. I'd like that first saddle better if it was sans the star on the jockey. That would only serve to accent my fat thighs. Pass.

    I've always been leery of show saddle that are different or trendy - if I'm going to pay 3-5K for something, I want it to stay in style for the rest of eternity, and then some.

  2. Oh wait, guess the last one isn't black. It's actually chocolate brown and pink. Hmmm, the same colors as the old Baskin Robbins logo.
    Click here to compare!

  3. I agree with Amber, if I am shelling out the big clams I want it to be in style until I die..

    The Black ones are heinous!

  4. On the first saddle, I like the dark borders but not the point skirts however with out the sharp angles the dark borders probably would not work - on the whole yech. I don't find the second saddle too offensive. The others are just ewwww

  5. The first one wasn't too bad, but the others are just awful. I wouldn't be caught dead in any of them.


  6. I think the reason why I don't like the first star saddle is that the corners on the skirts are so square and harsh! And the black lines and huuuuuuge stars really don't help.

    The second saddle is one I found while looking for tex-tan barrel saddles and I think that the color combo is ATROCIOUS. I do not like unnatural colored leather on saddles.

    I typically dislike synthetic western saddles and the ironed-on looking stars just makes it all worse.

    Cuter than most other star saddles, but comes in horribly tacky colors and the alamo saddles that I've seen are really really narrow. A a previous boarder at our barn had one of these and it didn't fit any of her horses! She had several ponies, quarters, a few tbs, and a paint.

    I like the way this star saddle looks, but hell no for 6 grand! It has alot of silver, but is not overpoweringly gaudy.,20157_L,168,7355_Dale-Chavez-Rio-Star-Show-Saddle.html

  7. I originally posted the first saddle in the comments and my concern was that the skirt comes way down on the side of the horse and the fender has a point on it. Wouldn't these "poke" your horse? I'm with the rest of you who said who wants to spend big bucks on a trendy saddle. I don't follow the fashion trends either because I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe every "season". First, can't afford it and second, don't like shopping.

  8. The first saddle does look well made, but it would definately last longer than anyone would care to look at it.

  9. Drill: Hey :D

    I find it funner and cheaper to follow "trends" with cheaper items, such as polos, pads, halters, leads, stuff like that. But for your big investments like a saddle, you want something that you can ride in for a long time and not look like last year's catalog. The trends go in and out soooo fast.

    I really want a bead-inlayed headstall and breastcollar from luan's leathers with siam and emerald AB swarovski crystals and beads that are colors of the rainbow in an arrow pattern. I won't get that for a while, as a custom set like that would set me back 500 bucks, but when I do get it I will most definitely post pics :D That would be the one really "gaudy" thing I would be sooooo proud of!

  10. Oh dear me! What is this world coming to? The only saddle in this selection that I would be caught riding in is the second from the top! The last one looks like something from Barbie's Dreamworld or something! Geez people, I pity the poor gelding that gets that thrown on him!

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  12. (Sorry, my deleted comment was the same as this one.... just with more errors! XP)
    I actually have that first one... it honestly looks much better in person. I show my big blood bay gelding in it, and a lot of people have actually complimented me on it.
    Only problem with it is those stars... they're real cheapos. It's a real thin metal with about five chicago screws holding it on. When I first sat in it, that one right below the d-ring got caught in my jeans and bent out. I've since filed down the points and glued them all to the saddle. And about the pointy skirt... surprisingly, I've had no problem with it. They lay just right so that the points aren't poking the horse at all.
    Oh, and other issue is that it's just huge... my gelding is 16hh, so it's no too bad on him, but on my 15hh mare, it just looks all wrong.
    And the brown is actually more of a reddish hue than it looks in the picture.