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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Like a train wreck...

I just can't stop staring. Fascinated and horrified all at the same time. They are very well made though, I will say that. But, oh my, they are colorful.


  1. If it just wasn't OSTRICH.

    I can't stand ostrich.

    I don't hate these, mainly cuz they're nicely made.

    But how come I keep seeing a wild cowgirl with one of those white fake straw hats airbrushed with matching colors w/ a matching roach clip hanging off the back???

  2. This past weekend I worked at a show where this girl had the most AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL shirt/jacket that was made up of dark orange, rich purple and deep emerald with studded trim on all seams, with aged brass-looking "coins" going down the sleeves. OMG, it TOTALLY worked with her big sorrel horse & whatever other colors she was wearing. Her mom had made it - it was totally professional.

    Anyway, that is a GOOD use of colors that just shouldn't work, but DO.

    I kind of think the green & turqouise work better here than the pink, which just sort of clashes with the tawny leather.

    The silver corners are better than the ostrich ones for sure.

  3. These aren't so offensive, or wouldn't be if all of the leather were the same color. The jockeys and fenders being lighter colored roughout, just ICK! Change that and I would be so happenin in the purple one. That and the ostrich skin. I'm with Cattypex on that one.

  4. That green is the worst of them all. I can't imagine a horse that would look good in that.

  5. Wow a saddle with cell phone charms.

  6. I like them. Prefer the ones with silver corner plates even the rough out will darken with age and use. Some of the rough out saddles I have seen turned out really neat with age and use. I would do the turquoise or green any day. Matched with a plain saddle blanket and shirt I think it would look sharp. After all most of the seat is covered when sitting in it. The only reason I would not want one is that it forces you to stay in a certain color range, and I am to cheap and broke to have more than one saddle for one horse.

  7. I think I just found a reason to buy "nail head spots" from Allison!!

    OMG! Keep finding these and I'll most definatly be making MORE gaming saddles!!

    I did find some super thin pigskin that *does* mimic ostrich in 1:9 scale. Barely in scale, but it would work. It's in brown only tho. boooring!

    Off to find purple leather paint...

  8. Found your blog and really like the subtitle! My preference is "fits the horse", "fits the person", "good craftsmanship" and "simply but elegant".

    Good luck with your blog!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 1Star Instructor

  9. I must admit, I'd use 1. But I don't get the draw of ostrich. At least a suede seat would have a little bit of grip on your butt. Ostrich just looks slick and bumpy. I've never felt it on a saddle though.

    Sooooo yea. Red. Silver corners (or nothing in the corners!). Suede seat. :) Gimmie. lol

  10. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

  11. Augghhh! My eyes! Those are just plain awful! But then, I don't believe one's tack should come in Easter egg colours. Tacky tack indeed.

  12. What brand are these? It's somewhat hard to find a barrel saddle with deep enough seat. I'd like to see if they have bright saddles. lol