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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Model Tack!

I found this leopard print model horse saddle set online and asked the owner's permission to post here. She did not recall the tack maker's name unfortunately, so if anyone knows, please post it.

I have no idea where they found the teeny leopard print but I LOVE it! If I still showed performance, I would SO be all over this!


  1. I actually don't find this one so 'tacky'. With the right pad and the right colored horse, it actually looks sorta nice...

    I knew a woman who wore a leopard print vest and hair bow when showing her palomino mare. The arrangement didn't look so bad either as I recall. But it was on the person, not so much the horse.

  2. Isn't it funny how this looks so cool on a model, but on a real horse many of us would say, "Icky poo!"? LOL!

    I'm guessing it's leopard print felt? I saw some once-apon-a-time at a local big name craft store. Or maybe made from a fashion scarf or small handbag? How about from some nylon socks, daughter has a pair....

  3. It DOES translate better in miniature!!

    I so love the expression on this little guy's face. So cute! You modellers always blow my mind.

  4. And look at the nice bit that TWH has. No big honkin' long shanked horror.

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