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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Need More Tack!

Folks, I am running out of material! Time for yall to go Tack hunting again! Send me hideousness of all colors, cheaply made stuff, sparklies, flowery, fluffy, pink, purple, you name it! Also cruel and inhumane examples of tack. I need more material as I have either run through all of mine, or it is very similar to previous posts. Remember, if it is a Craigslist post, save and email me the actual photos, as the ads freqently disappear.



    How about the god awful ed hardy tack...

  2. Hi,

    I have been lurking and enjoying your blog for a while now. Here's a link:

    It's not as bad as some of the tack I've seen here, but it does feature cheap looking tack in bathroom-decor pink, as well as flesh colored wraps with little yellow duckies all over them.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. good ol is something verrry tacky
    like tick tac pop in your mouth and spit it out orange...and of course it is that cheap dangerous made in india crap...why it is even allowed to be sold here or anywhere is beyond me...what if india or china made kids bikes that fell apart as soon as a kid started riding there would be a whole outcry about that!

  4. Is it that time of the year or month, but ebay is just oozing like a zit with tacky tack


    For $1,600!!! Really?! If it were, say, $20, I'd buy it and just scrape the paint off or something...but $1,600!!! Ha.

  6. I have more!
    Super long shanked twisted mouth GAG bit...A little overboard don't ya think?
    Apparently they're more common than I thought. *sigh*
    That tiny little mouthpiece with the long shanks just looks painful.
    I often see KIDS riding with these bits...WHY WHY WHY?
    Bike chain, draw mouth (or as I like to call it, Super-gag). I can only picture a bloody mouth. I'm sure it could work wonders in the perfect hands, but for the other 99% of us, it's too harsh. NO horse should need this.
    I don't know how a mouthpiece like this actually works(more tongue, less bars?) but I thought it looked pretty tame and I've always wanted one even if it's just because it looks cool.

  7. Ok last one. That last mouthpiece is called a "waterford". Just looked it up. :)

  8. Hi! I went to the Western States Horse Expo last weekend, and I took pictures of some really hilarious tacky gear I found there and emailed it to you last week. Let me know if you didn't get my message for some reason, and I can send it again if you like.

  9. Hope you don't mind my posting again. I love this blog.

    Anyway, Americans are not alone when it comes to tacky tack. This site is from Australia: I think you'll appreciate the scary PVC browbands in neon pink and lime green, as well as other "extreme bling."

    Here's an ugly Peptol-Bismol colored bridle being sold at an online garage sale. Note the lovely polyester tassels on it!

  10. Forgive me, but here's yet more tack:

    "NEW! HOT COLORS! Synthetic Western Black Barrel Racer with Orange Bling,Green Bling, Pink Bling, Aqua Bling

    Scroll down for the pink saddle:

    It's a *coughs* fascinating blog.

  11. Maybe you should do a 180 and do some "Terrific Tack of the Day" until the "BUMs" (Er, that'd be Butt Ugly Manufacturers) catch up with you.
    Just a thought...I like to be different *Grin*

  12. I e-mailed you via Facebook a couple of weeks ago, LMK if you didn't get it! :-)

  13. a scary looking bit posted on the bad_riding community today

  14. I sent you some quite a long time ago, but here it is again... Take your pick!

  15. Oops, it didn't work, so go to Chick's Saddlery and type in Ronmar in the search box. Take your pick!

  16. I sent you some photos of Hermes saddles..did you get those emails? What email should we be using?

  17. Oops, that was from Erika, not Morten.