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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Blog: The SRF Reviews Her Renegades.

Today we have a guest blog reviewing the Renegade horse boots that I purchased awhile back. It is "straight from the horse's mouth" so to speak, as the Silly Red Filly will be doing the review.

Greetings human readers, my name is Fatima, otherwise known as the SRF. Back in March my human moved me closer to her in a place called Arkansas. Now, I am originally from Louisiana, and delicate southern flower that I am, I did not know what to make of all those large, hard things sticking up out of the ground here. My human explained that they were "rocks" and that I would get used to them. We don't have big ones like that in Louisiana, and my hooves were getting all chipped up and ugly (the very idea!) and my human became concerned that I would hurt them and become lame. I do not wear metal shoes as my human prefers to keep us horses barefoot. So, she went in search of hoof boots for me so the rocks would not hurt me or chip up my pretty feet any more when we went riding. She asked lots of questions and did a lot of research on hoof boots of all kinds and finally settled on Renegades. She ordered me 4 of them and we waited patiently for them to arrive. It took me a little while to get used to having them put on my feet, but now I pick my feet up right away and can't wait for her to get them on me! That means we are going RIDING!! I like that I can go anywhere with them, the grippy tread helps me keep my footing, and they protect the entire bottom of my hoof from the sharp rocks on the ridges where we ride. My human says I bound along the steep, rocky trails like a mountain goat. She keeps telling me to slow down, I listen, but I don't like it! I like to GO! The boots have withstood a lot of wear and tear so far and are only now beginning to show heavy use. You have to understand, where we ride is VERY rocky, parts of it are an old quarry and it is literally bare rock and shale. We have crossed creeks (which I do NOT like at all), gone through mud (YUCK), and galloped through pastures and the boots have stayed on without any problems. My human says they are super easy to put on, but then again, she has thumbs, of course it's easy for her! LOL

All in all, we both highly recommend the Renegade brand hoof boots, they are tough, easy to use, and very well designed. My human says they are expensive, but worth the money.

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  1. *giggle*

    I think she should be a regular guest blogger. Maybe she should have her OWN BLOG too.

    Very cute.