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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fake Snake

The tackiness knows no bounds. A reader sent me this saddle with its super tacky fake snakeskin seat. I have seen ostrich, stingray, hair on hide, crocodile, woven wool, suede, and smooth leather, but this is the first fake snake seat I have seen, and in red too. With heart cutouts. Cause everyone knows heart shapes and snakeskin are a great compliment to one another.


  1. It doesn't look TOO bad since the seat would be covered by my big ol' butt...but the black areas on the seat just makes it look like a stained-up red seat.

  2. Yeah... that one makes my skin crawl... er slither.

  3. Is that supposed to be a rattlesnake type skin?

    'Cuz I ain't never seen a rattler big enough, to have a skin wide enough to cover the seat on that thang...


  4. soon there will be fish-skinn saddles, i bet! :)

  5. <>

    You haven't seen the Rattle snakes we have around here! However...I highly doubt it's real snake anyhow

  6. PRS, you can keep those snakes on your end of the continent then... We don't grow 'em that big out here. Too dry and too hot I guess.

  7. I don't think it as awful looking as some... but I wonder how comfortable snake skin texture, real or not, is after a while in the saddle.

    And wouldn't the scales rub off?

  8. Bif- And wouldn't the scales rub off?

    It does on boots! Once it's done that- they are damn ugly...

  9. UGH.

    Reminds me of a fake ostrich seat saddle I saw... it had a pink seat, and some genius had painstakingly made little red dots in a perfect pattern.... with what looked like a Sharpie.

    Remember the eelskin craze of the 80s? Has anyone done tack with eelskin?

  10. Just ick.

    I am hoping there is not 'eelskin' craze, as most eelskin is actually hagfish skin. Those are the eely looking fish who produce large amounts of slime when frightened. Ew.


    Check out this fail LOL LOL