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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Please put on protective eyewear, this thing is BRIGHT. I have no idea what company manufactured this thing or why, but OMG it is scary. It was on an ebay auction, and actually had bids. Thanks to the reader who sent me this. I appreciate it (I think).


  1. ...

    The fact that its on a black and white Paint just makes it worse. A black and white Paint it appears to be TOO BIG for.

    I can't even tell what kind of saddle it is. Australian?

  2. its like....a banana seat bike in saddle form gone horribly wrong.

  3. Jenifer - it is an Aussie saddle. Not necessarily too big, but it doesn't fit right so no worries there.

    Is it on a gelding with a HUGE hay belly or is that a super preggo mare about to pop? That color... my eyes, my eyes. Pass the brain bleach too while you're at it.

  4. I can imagine the thought process:
    "Oh we really need to sell that saddle."
    "We don't have any good pictures though!"
    *grabs nearest horse*
    "But that's a 300 day mare!"
    "Meh, state of that saddle no-one will notice!"


  5. Or is it a preggers mare with a hay belly too? I always say, there aren't any pictures of horses wearing the tacky tack featured here, and now finally one - sort of.

  6. Who In their right mind would ever A) think a bannana YELLOW saddle would be a good idea, B)Actually MARKET said saddle, C) Get anyone to purchase said saddle???

    People make no sense.

  7. I sent this one in! I'm always looking for saddles on Ebay even though I know I probably can't afford anything quality on there right now. I was hoping this was just a light colored saddle (like barrel saddle light) that looked yellow because the color in the picture was distorted by the angle of the sun...the more I looked at it, the more yellow it became. That sleeve on the stirrup just makes it look like it would be in the way. And I too thought "gah that's a big belly. I hope it's a she and she's pregnant."

    You should feel proud that we see tackyness and automatically think of you. <3

  8. My eyes!! They burn... take it away! take it away!!!!!

  9. Yep, that is definitely yellow.

  10. The song "They call me mellow yellow" comes to mind, but there is nothing mellow about this monstrosity. The yellow saddle makes the horse's white mane look like it is yellow too.

  11. It's an Australian stock saddle but there is so much wrong in that picture, you'd hardly know where to begin.

    I'm in Oz but have never seen one that colour or fitted so badly on such an odd shaped horse.

    Weird what people will put their money on - maybe they want it for its novelty value???

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  13. I think it must be for hunting. The horse is naturally in Camo, so the *lifting sunglasses* er, neon yellow would be the hunting equivalent of International Orange?