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Friday, June 18, 2010

Got The Blues

Just, wow. When I saw this I just cringed, and stared, and cringed, and stared. It's like a train wreck, I just cant stop looking at it, and being horrified.


  1. The offensive color, along with the extremely poor quality make this truly horrendous.

  2. Had a thought.......maybe this what "blue" Pepto Bismol would look like?

  3. I could so dig that, paired with the blue 'pants' I sent you...

    For those who have't seen them Here they are. They are for motocycle riding and called pants, but are rather chaps. Not a bad price either for leather and all the workmanship in them. There are also available in Pink, Black and Purple.

    I am really wanting the purple ones. Where I would wear them though? I haven't a clue!

  4. For some reason the links aren't working. :(

    Blue pants


    Pink Black & Purple

    Might help if I had remembered to put the = in the html code.... *eyeroll*

  5. EEEuuuwwww blue mexican chicken skin! Yikes!

  6. This one is wrong in so many ways

  7. Oh man. Those blue chaps with that saddle - its a AQHA WORLD SHOW SHOWMANSHIP OUTFIT!

    Just needs more rhinestones, right?

  8. Um... are the stirrups attached with thumb tacks?

  9. That would get so grubby so fast.