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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Jeans

These saddles were brought to my attention by a reader. They are perhaps one of the strangest concepts in "synthetic" saddles I have seen yet. They are covered in denim, not only that, they have artistically (snort) placed wear and tear in the denim. What I want to know is why? I can kind of understand covering a saddle in denim. Hey, it's sturdy, comfortable, easy to clean and light. But why the rips? And in places where they would cause discomfort for the rider. They also possibly create weak spots where the likelihood of developing a REAL tear is higher. What if you get those little frayed edges caught on something?

Here we have one in a traditional "blue jeans" color with white (God why?) accents. The white would be beige in minutes around my house.

Here is a look for those going for a more "business casual" appearance. The same saddle shown above, but in a nice light/dark khaki color scheme. Again, without the rips, wouldn't look too bad.


  1. Wow. These are even worse than blinged up stuff.

    Seriously, WTF!?!??!!?!!??!!??!?!?!?!?!!?

    Do people even BUY these?

  2. Those are terrible! If they were trying to achieve the random look with those rips, they totally missed the boat. All the rips are the same size and shape (who gets round rips in their jeans, anyway???), and they are SYMMETRICAL. Yikes!

  3., too *messy*.

    When our 2 sons want me to mend their jeans, they are always very careful to point out which holes/tears they want mended.
    *Yes, Mom, the tear on the back pocket and the one on the butt. DON'T touch the knees or the hems!*

    I see they've reversed the fabric showing through the holes on the bottle skirt.
    Nope, still doesn't work. Maybe if the holes were more random, instead of such perfect circles???


  4. Uh....that should be *bottom* skirt, not *bottle* skirt......

    Apparently, I need more coffee.

  5. Do these fall in the category of saddles for War Torn Countries? As in "see, we've already been shot at, leave us alone?"

  6. Break out the bedazzler and put some fake plastic crystals on them. Its just the finishing touch they need.

  7. I was really hoping these little gems would make it onto your blog when I saw them. Even my barrel racer buddies, who love the frayed look, where ultimately dismayed when viewing these fugly saddles. Thank you for blogging on them!

  8. If you had not told me those were supposed to be rips, I would have been wondering forever what was up with the funny holes in the material.

  9. These are hideous, truly. I thought we had hit the nadir of nasty with the camo tack - could we go any lower? Apparently.

  10. LOL! It sounds like Patricia and I both submitted these for the blog. I was totally horrified when I saw them! Anyone want to take dibs on how long before they start offering pink, purple, etc?

  11. The holes on the rear of the cantle- are those the fart exhaust?

    If you were to put big googley eyes in each of the holes it would at least make the saddles more FUN!

    Less hidious?

    I don't think that is remotely possible.

  12. those look so silly i just had to laugh. wow.