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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Favorites - Spanish Tack

I know you all know this but I love, LOVE Spanish and Portuguese tack. I love the look of it, and the super secure seat some of the saddles provide. A kind reader (bad you, fueling my addiction) sent me several links to companies that carry a huge variety of drool-worthy saddles and tack. I WANT the sidesaddle from this site...

I love the fact that you can custom order the saddles in different color combinations. I would like the sidesaddle in black with red suede please, if someone wants to buy me one LOL.

This site also has a variety of saddles, some quite reasonably priced.

This last one is also quite nice, with a variety of products including harness and vaulting equipment. They have the color options on a Portuguese saddle that I would settle for if no one wants to get me that sidesaddle LOL!!

All of these companies are overseas, so shipping is kind of pricey. But they have many of the same products found over here (remember the Baroque Horse Store?) at a better price even considering shipping costs.


  1. Functional art......that tack is very pretty, especially those that have what look like pleated fenders......

    I must admit, though.....I like the baroque site. I have my eye on that Portuguese fantasia bit.....yum yum.....

  2. I have friends who bought the Portuguesa saddles for their Friesians. they are very nice saddles and well made. But the one came in black with red suede. The gentleman's light gold breeches were orange at the end of the day.

    I bought an Indian made Portuguesa off of Ebay. It was the usual Indian leather. I didn't like it so I sold it to a fellow Medieval rider. He loves it. The saddle fit his Halflinger stallion to perfection. He has been using it for a couple years now. He keeps it clean and oiled and it's holding up well. I think it cost all of $180 with shipping.

    I want the Cortesia Bridle off the first site! So I guess I had better start playing the lottery.

  3. I found an awesome ad on Craigslist for a saddle I thought you might get a kick out of...

  4. H-R, that is quite possibly the BEST Craigslist ad EVER. OMG.

    The Quinta saddlery site... yum.

  5. I know!! I swear, if I hadn't just found myself another saddle, I'd have bought that one just for the laugh value :)

  6. I don't mean to change the subject, but......

    I spent 2 days at the Midwest Horse Fair recently. Saw some of that acid-washed tack, and yes, it is even rattier looking in person. URK!

    Also saw a bunch of the saddles with stingray seats. The vendor assured me it was the *real deal*.
    It felt like glass beads. No grip there.....sort of pretty, but way way slick.