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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sorry for not posting again! Work has been so hectic!

Here is some Tack for you to critique on your own. I promise your regular programming will return soon!


  1. The pink saddle and bridle (not fitting that pony so well) - blech. The baby blue bridle is cute but I think that is only because it looks so nice on the gray pony. The two western saddles are pretty hideous. Pink rhinestones and lacing along with that horrible pink seat - gross. Nothing redeeming about that baby. The purple saddle would be nice but for the purple.
    The bits and spurs look positively elegant next to all the aforementioned items.

  2. Does the second set of irons have blue crystals? Because if they do, then I must have them! lol Everything else is a little too "wtf?" for me

  3. Ok, I know one little girl who would die happy if the first saddle somehow came into her possession. Honestly, I think it's kind of cute.

  4. Gray pony with blue bridle looks so adorable. Pink one doesnt fit at all. Perhaps on some other pony it will.

  5. OK, is there a reason the pink saddle has a picture of a kid getting bucked off on it?

    The western saddles are hideous, especially the bottom one. The pink bridle doesn't fit the pony at all. Both are hideous, but then I only like my leather to come in brown and black.
    The irons would be ok if they only had like one or 2 little jewels on the side... the totally encrusted look is just... tacky.

  6. Love the spurs!

    The saddles are terrible nad that grey pony is so sute!

    Bummer for the pink bridle pony though...

  7. Ha, I have those stirrups and spurs!

    WTF is up with the wee bitty pony that needs a curb and a running martingale?

  8. Okay, WHERE did you find these pictures???? Those bridles would be perfect for my friend's pony parties! Well, without the flash, double bridle pieces and the martingale, of course.

    That pink alligator skin seat...UGH. BLECH BLECH BLECH. And I'm with xcMoskau on the English saddle. It is totally cute, but what's up with that picture?

    For the Tennessee Walking HorseWhen the Painted Horse ComesThe Murder of the English Language

  9. If I had a small person with a pony to buy for I'd be hard pressed to pass up those adorable bridles- for at home. The saddle...not so much. That's what Suitability's saddle pad pattern is for. Oh, and as for the bucking, that's clearly a knockoff Thelwell. If you don't know Thelwell... the name & welcome to the cult.

    Irons are too the spurs.
    Honestly, I'm not offended by those western saddles; look like barrel/trail saddles...your butt covers the seat up, and if it's good leather and makes you smile as you're swinging a leg over- so what? The colored stones & the small inlay would look nice with a complementary saddle pad; heart concho's are nothing new (harness bosses & cavalry).

  10. Dare I ask what the drawing on the purple saddle seat is?
    As others have said--the pink bridle is way too much leather on that pony and I can totally see some young girl just loving the pink saddle and bridle on her pony. The Thelwell knock off is no where near the adorable qualities of the original.
    The stirrups and spurs are just a bit much for my tastes.

  11. Haha the ponies with the bridles seem to have a wtf expression xD

  12. The pastel-colored bridles were hideous. O.o Mostly because they took up the pony's whole face. I hate flash nose bands, too.

    The Pepto Bismol pink English saddle was pretty bad, too. The little cartoon made it even worse. Maybe a 6-year-old would like it. I don't know.

  13. "OK, is there a reason the pink saddle has a picture of a kid getting bucked off on it?"

    "WTF is up with the wee bitty pony that needs a curb and a running martingale?"

    Cuz ponies are ALL EEEEEEVIL little shits, haven't you heard? ; )

    Really, I kind of like the concept on the ponies, just way too many wide straps on their cute widdle heads!!!!

    The rest made my stomach hurt. There ought to be a law.

    As a former student worker of ours said, "That's Klassy. With a Kapital K."

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  15. Where do you even start?

    Pass the brain bleach a gallon of alcohol and I'll try not to thing about any of it.

  16. if the straps weren't so thick on that blue bridle, i'd like it. other than the whole problem of painted leather generally being low quality, dry and prone to cracking.

    and what's with displaying a double bridle with only one bit? if i were the horse, i'd find that flappy strap really irritating.

  17. The tan saddle with pink seat is just like ones at my local Teskey's western store. Somebody must be buying them, barrel racers, I think. If I were still barrel racing, I'd be wanting one too!