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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OT Very Disturbing

Apparently horses in Miami/Dade Co. Florida are being stolen, butchered on the side of the road, and the meat sold on the black market.

Link to news story.

The Horse article

WARNING: Photos in slide show on news story link are graphic.


  1. On an old Miami Animal Cop show (Animal Planet), there was a case of a stolen horse which the Animal Cops said had been butchered out for meat for a roadside Bar-B-Que, disguised as beef. So this is not new, but seems to finally be getting the attention it needs.

  2. .... I wish this was an april fool's joke.

    No kidding, if anyone ever did this to any of my animals, I would go to jail for a very, very long time after I got through with them.

    This is why I don't watch animal cops. I should have known better than to look at that slideshow.

  3. I'm afraid this is only going to get worse as the economy gets worse. There are so many free horses on Craigslist that it would be an easy way to make a buck.

    The worst part is that you know these "slaughterhouses" are nowhere near humane or professional.

    I understand that eating horse meat is the norm in some countries. Fine. If you want to eat it, that's your business. But pulling someone else's beloved pet out of its pasture or stall? That is absolutely wrong. I don't have horses, but if anyone touched any of my animals, I would skin THEM alive.

  4. Too bad we don't live in the old west when it was a hanging offense to steal a cowboy's horse or rustle cattle. Now we live in a "so-called" civilized society (heavy on the sarcasm)!

    Makes me wonder if we are going to have to start locking our horses up at night. Horses are such trusting animals, they will go with anyone who has a carrot or some grain.

  5. Re: Free horses on CL... THIS is exactly why neither of my horses will ever be offered to anyone for free.... my old guy will be with me forever and if I ever had to rehome a horse, it would be my younger mare... her previous owner, a friend of mine, lives across the country and has made me swear to never sell Licorice without telling her, because she would ship her back to MI on her own dime just to know she was safe!

    But... this may sound cruel... I would save every free 30 year old horse on CL if I could... but it's one swful thing to lie to someone face and say "yeah, this will be my daughter's horse *grin*" and then skin it... entirely another horrible thing to steal someone's horse and inhumanely chop it up, probably while still alive... Ugh, this really makes me sick.

    Like I said... prison, for a very long time... if anyone EVER hurt any of my animals... from my turtle, to my cats, to my goats and horses...

  6. And at least our animals have someone who would fight for them. Think of those poor old horses, and other animals for free on CL... nobody to care what happens to them... nobody will even miss them when they are gone.

  7. OMFG.
    IF that ever happened here, the people responsible would be butchered while tied to a tree.
    Thats sick. But its good to get the word out.
    Nobody can trust anybody these days, and its really pathetic.
    *angry and disgusted in the human race*

  8. Forgive me I know we are a country made up of other countries,I have Celtic heritage myself, but if you come to this country you should abide by the rules. What kind of person would take someone elses horse and eat it, no matter what your ancestral customs are in your country. Theft is Theft. I agree with the comment on the old west way of hanging for stealing horses. That would make them think twice the next time they wanted to steal a horse. I know that is not the way we civilized Americans behave, but these people are not civilized either. Let the punishment fit the crime.

  9. if i lived in that area i think i would be in india's pasture 24/7 with a shotgun daring those butchers to even TRY and come in

    this makes me so mad!! those bastards!!! those complete bastards!!!! @$&**%$##$%^$$!!!!!!!!
    rant over
    we need a way to spread this more people so we can stop it!!