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Thursday, April 16, 2009

OH, my eyes! They are bleeding!

Thanks to the reader who linked me this catastrophically hideous saddle and accessories. These are very possibly the most horrible things I have ever laid eyes on. Really. This is an equine fashion DON'T. Something that should never be used, not ever. I have no idea why anyone would actually pay money for this. I also don't know of many horses that would not just die of embarrassment from being forced to wear it.

Without further ado (sunglasses folks)....

GAH!! Shiny, metallic leather FRINGE!! The seat is also shiny, metallic leather, as well as the cutouts! And, as if the shiny, metallic fringe on the bridle isn't ENOUGH tacky, they have added rhinestones and fuzzy white hair on cowhide, squeee! Wow. Run folks, run far, far away.


  1. This reminds me of the outfits the ***riders*** wear in the Fourth of July shows I went to as a kid in the 80s. I guess someone thought it would be a good idea for the horse to match. Oy!

  2. Looks like something used by those trick riders, or at a parade. Totally fugly!

  3. This looks like westernaire tack!

  4. I have some chaps (used for drill team uniform) that have this metallic red leather on them. The metallic is an added layer that rubs off. So not only are these "eye sores", but they don't hold up under use either.

    That fringe on the browband would hang in the horse's eyes, wouldn't it? Can't imagine that would be comfortable (or) maybe the intent is to keep flies away like those netted things people use!

    You do have to remember that some of this stuff is used by drill teams, high school equestrian teams, parade riders, rodeos, etc. While it may look totally gaudy, when you have a team of riders all with the same tack on and riding in an arena at a distance, you need gaudy in order to have an impact. It doesn't look 1/2 as gaudy from a distance in the stands.

    Sort of like the theatre. If you ever see those women close up, it looks like they put their make-up on with a putty knife, it is on so THICK!

    I am by no means defending this gaudy tack, but just stating why this type of tack exists in the first place.

  5. Very Captain America! LOL! The only thing that would make it worse would be if it was pink. ;)

  6. Holy Cow!

    I bet the cows would be insulted if they knew their hides went to making That.

    Part of them would be rolling over on a hamburger bun somewhere for sure.

  7. I just noticed- the saddle has fringe too!

    Back where the rear cinch attaches...


  8. CRAPTASTIC! Truly the tackiest tack so far.

  9. Ok. I have some tack with metallic gold leather trim. My Medieval breast strap, reins and breeching has metallic gold diamonds sewn on to the chevrons. I couldn't afford brass, so went with something considerably less expensive. They have held up very well in the past 10 years of use. BUT!! The diamonds are on black harness leather, one per chevron. It isn't tacky and it has a use. This stuff is just YUCK!

    Unless, like Drillrider said, it's to be used for theatrical purpose. Then I guess it would be OK.

    But can't you just see some one with a FUGLY Palomino stallion all decked out in this set?

  10. I picture it on a fugly black stallion, but ya...

  11. Ladypr: We must have gotten some cheaper metallic stuff. The color rubbed off. Of course, it was on our chaps. On a breast color, it wouldn't really be rubbing on anything. For normal use, I would never have anything gaudy.

    I'm very much into minimalistic, quality, "less is more" tack. I personally am drawn to saddles with ZERO tooling, silver and bling.

  12. Ran across this pink "thing" and just HAD to share:

  13. I burst out laughing when Susan said "Captain America!" SO funny, because so true.

    High school drill team...appropriate. But, um, wouldn't you want to have a nice saddle that you, uh, just doctored to look like this for a short period?? (even four years?) Am I crazed to think it's possible to risk a little hot glue and white shoe polish and put the cash into fixing the damage?

  14. Okay, Drillrider you got me too...the owner of That Saddle was old enough to get pregnant? Oy.