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Monday, April 6, 2009

It's all about accessories...

Well, you bought your new Barbie pink saddle, so now it's time to accessorize!! Here are some things that you might need...

Of course you will need a bridle. Here is a lovley pink number to match that pink English saddle from the first post.

Oh, and you will need polo wraps, here are some in pink leopard print ones.

For those speed events, here are some fringed sport boot covers to disguise those non-matching black boots.

To add to the overall effect, here are some nice bell boots, in leopard print to match those polos.

You will also need some stirrup irons. The pair in the middle would do nicely.

Oh, and let's not forget stall accessories. You will need a haybag, and I have found you one in a nice pink "ghetto-flauge".

Enough pink for you? Are your eyes burning as badly as mine yet?


  1. oy - pass the eye bleach please

  2. oh dear... i LOVE the sturrip irons! Only in the privacy of my own round pen... but i want them! And i do have a brible similar to the one above...its not THAT pink, but it is pink.

    This tack DOES go on a horse named Barbie, mind you! :)

  3. Ew, that bridle looks like it's made out of plastic or cardboard. That would be so uncomfortable for the horse!

    Sad that some people are willing to sacrifice their horses' comfort for the sake of a "cool-looking" piece of tack.

  4. I need a pair of pink irons, but I'll wait until I find a pair that are *engraved* (Yes, I already have them in green and purple). Abetta makes colored ones in breakaway. I've also seen the stirrup pads in color on eBay.

    Look hard enough, you can find a pink bit to match that pretty bridle. I just got a western one to match a pink bridle (with rhinestones)for my girly-girl mare.

    Can't quite do the pink camo, though......

    Pink. Such a HAPPY color!!!

  5. Is that bridle really pink on the top and brown on the edges? Who thinks that is attractive?

  6. I'd use the bell boots or polos. We have a lot of the patterned classic equine bells. They make me happy! :D

  7. I have the hay bag and Polos. No eye bleach required. I have them for fun plain and simple.

    The Pink Camo hay bag is that I boarded at a show barn FULL OF black hay bags, black grooming totes, black everything, so I got that one to make sure that I knew what was mine.

    All my stuff for shows is like that for that reason.

  8. I have to say... if I had an English saddle, I'd be all over those irons... I think with a black saddle and mybe a matching saddle pad- they could be fun without too much overload.

  9. BTW- a pink bit? Delightfully tacky... I could do a pink bit/pad/irons type deal... except not on my sorrel horse (ack)!

  10. I want those purple stirrup irons! They will match my purple bridle, purple saddlepad, purple half chaps and purple troxel helmet! Did I mention I like purple? ;D

  11. oooooh! I luuuuurrve the irons!
    Bright patterned bell boots are FUN!! (in the privacy of your practice pen or trail ride)

  12. The only thing pink I need after looking at all that is some Pepto. Ish.

  13. uh-oh. I've hit Pink Overload. First. Time. In. History. Ohhhhhh my poor pink eyeballs!

  14. Oye. I have to admit, I bought polo wraps for my horse in an astounding shade of bright day-glo orange. I reasoned that not only would I be safe(r) riding in the woods during hunting season, but I would be able to find all four of them even when it is completely dark. I misplace my polos ALL THE TIME--but not since I bought those babies!! On top of that, they are so obnoxiously bright that no one else would want them on their horse--thus making them safe from the inevitable request, "Can I borrow ....?"

  15. So, uh, where can I buy that pink bridle and the purple stirrups? Don't worry, I won't use them both at the same time. I promise!