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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Inescapable

Apparently I will never be able to escape from the hideous, piece of junk, painted cardboard leather, Pepto-Bismol pink saddle. Every time I begin to relax and forget the hideous, this happens...
AAAAAAAAAAAH! NOOOOOOOOO! (runs screaming from the computer).


  1. Never a shortage of ugly, "girly" sickeningly pink saddles, is there?

  2. It's no secret I like color.....and I still think a saddle like this on a fat little pony would be some little girl's dream come true, but........that is not just pink, it is PINK.

    There are other ways to add color to your tack turnout.
    Bits, spurs, conchos, stirrups all come in eyecatching pink pad would work, too.

    So, these saddles are painted, not dyed??? Does the paint start to flake off on the parts that get bent, like the girths???

  3. But it has SILVER on it!

    I wonder- do they USE the Pepto Dismol to dye the leather? You know, so when you get sick of looking at it you can lick it for instant relief?

    At least the bit is a snaffle and not the standard, junky curb we normally see...

  4. yeah, I also *LOVE* how the bridle hangs stiffly off the horn. Like it's made of 1/2" thick leather.....

    Again, spend the $$$ on a nice USED saddle.

  5. It needs sparklies--some rhinestones in dark pink & bright green & ----my mind just froze up.

  6. Why does this one bother me more than the others? I like pink (though not in saddles) but this one really bugs me. Wait...maybe with some LED lights, a little tinsel, a couple of heart patches?