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Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, it's Monday. My least favorite day of the week. I apologise for not posting Friday, I was super busy and didn't have time.

Today I bring you a selection of very unattractive synthetic saddles. One is black and PURPLE, one is RED and black, the other is black and tan. The red and black one is not TOO bad, but I am not sure I would use it, the black and tan one is tolerable, but the black and fake purple ostrich print trimmed one is terrible.
The little silver hearts don't help much.


  1. i'd take the purple over the red any day. yes, fake ostrich, and yes, silver on synthetic (why? it's cheap, there's just no way to make it look not-cheap) but it's nowhere near as LOUD as the red. *dons sunglasses and prepares for a spring tan*

  2. Doesn't adding real leather to fake leather defeat the purpose?

  3. Eh... Black and tan ok I guess... Black and purple a far second in my mind. But the red is screaming. I guess I can see it as an endurance saddle for those who need emergency assistance location... hehehe

  4. The black and tan is ho-hum but the other two are hideous especially the black/purple thingy.

  5. Laura -- or maybe the red is to make sure you don't get shot at by hunters? ;o)

  6. If I owned one of those, it would soon be puke-colored.

    Wait... I'd never own one, so there ya go.

    Why do people have to buy such crap for $500 or whatever, when they can find a NICE used saddle for the same price??

  7. Red. Ow. Note to self: ask genie for temporary color-blindness.

  8. As much as I hate synthetics- (and I just emailed katphoti about this very thing)

    I kinda like that purple one. Sans the heart shaped conchos of course! Other than those it is minimal offensive. At least to me.

    That red thing? Wow! Is that so people won't notice it covered in blood when you get injured as your horse takes a dive because it died mid-stride of embarrassment?

  9. I knew someone that had silver plates all over a synthetic saddle- they bought it like that. I really fail to see the point of putting silver on a synthetic. (I'm sure they weren't anywhere close to actual silver, but still)

    I don't get the whole Krazy Kolor phase with tack. Didn't we already go through enough acid in the 70s?

  10. nice blog..
    for me, black and tan is ok..the other two, hmmm, dreadful..
    btw, since this post is about saddle, i just like to share this western mens blog to you..

  11. Ahaha, I used to have that red one! XD It was my first saddle; my non-horsey parents bought it because it was cheap. It's still lying around somewhere (no one wants it, go figure.); I used it to break my two colts.