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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holy Cow

Thanks to a reader who sent me this saddle.

Another hair on cowhide travesty. One wonders, knowing that hair is slick as snot (and really itchy too) for the most part, why would you put it on a saddle seat?


  1. EWW!!! I hate hair on tack. I don't care for hair on anything! YUCK! Why would anyone want that?

  2. the hair 'appointments' make this rather dull saddle plain gross

  3. OMG. Found this on ebay.

    Sorry about the long link.

  4. Another one:

  5. OMG! That Rugged Jeans saddle is wronger than wrong.

  6. Patricia- please stop! OMG! And I have been cruising through our local CL ads and gasping at the grand display of stupidity there...

    At least with your rugged jeans saddle, I now have a new use for my old jeans.

  7. As for the hairy saddle in the main post...

    I like my horses to have a hairy back. Men and tack? Not so much.

    Without the hair, I would like it.

    Nair anyone?

  8. Why waste the money on a small bit of hairy leather when the rest of the leather looks plasticky anyway?

    And CNJ- I think I just about peed my pants. Thanks. ;P

  9. Did you read the description of the Jeans saddle?!?! "Reduces Equestrian Related Expenses like veterinarian expense, Trainer ect."

    With this saddle, you don't need a trainer or a vet?!?!?! Fugly would have a field day with this one. Remember the "banana horse" saddle?

    Also, wouldn't the "inlays and fringes" on the fenders be a bit irritating on a long trail ride?