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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craigslist Catastrophe

A reader sent this to me. The person selling this wants $400! Really? I don't think you could PAY me that much to take it and burn it.

Sorry for the no posts the last couple of days. The drama llama has reared its head. Fun. Really.


  1. Sorry to hear the d*&!n drama llama is around... ignore the spitting, clip it, and send it on its way!! ;-)

    Yes, that saddle is ugly, but what a ridiculous price. I wonder if they want $40... or better, $4.00... not that anyone will pay that...

  2. lol, i sent this in. I find it pretty hilirious especially since you can find a much nicer saddle for that same price, maybe used. but alot better than that thing.

  3. I would suggest spilling Kool-Aid on it to maybe dye it a different (to read darker) color. But then that could go wrong and it would only end up worse. Ick!

    Thanks, but I'll pass.

  4. Oh LOOK, it's the BEE saddle!!! All it needs is some wings and antennae and you're all set!

  5. Hopefully your drama llama will move on soon and peace will be restored (if it doesn't, could you not exercise that good 'ole American pastime of gun ownership and shoot the damned thing?!! lol)

    As for the saddle, hideous beyond words and who in their right mind would pay $400 for crap like that?

  6. My first thought was also "bumble bee" saddle! It's been stored with the stirrups hooked over the horn. Note the crisp fold crease. A good indication of crap.