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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

This one is not TOO bad as far as Scary Pink Saddles go. However, the price is certainly frightening. Who on earth would pay that much to own something this, well, PINK? If it was just the seat (which I hope, considering the price, is genuine ostrich) it might not be bad. The other issue I have with this, is it is a SHOW saddle, not something I would purchase in anything but a good neutral color. You would be stuck showing in pink FOREVER. No matter the color of the horse. I also don't care for the silver spots on the pink border, it just seems a bit much.


  1. the only way I could justify this saddle is for breastcancer awareness. For the price, you'd probably be looking at having to show the same horse for many years or quite possibly, keep buying the same coloured horse!

    I know what you mean by buying a saddle with colours. I LOVE the Billy Cook wave barrel saddles but they come in Lime Green, Purple, Hot Pink and Teal... I have a pale palomino who's show colour is teal, a sorrel that shows in purple and a bay that shows in red...

    I did find the Billy Cook Texas Wave but that has glitter inlay and star conchos which is nice but the bay shows in bling, and the sorrel has the star headstall LOL I can't win!

  2. If the seat was pink suede (and the seat was the ONLY pink part) I would be drooling. I would NEVER spend that much on a show saddle, but I would still drool over it.

  3. I would never spend that much on anything! Well, except maybe a car. Never on a saddle and then even when I do purchase a saddle I get it in a nice neutral tone that won't clash with my horse. I'm not a big fan of colored saddles anyhow but pink is especially wrong. I could maybe see pink on a little girl's pony saddle....maybe.

  4. If it had breast cancer awareness ribbons tooled into it, I MIGHT give it a pass.

    A shining *ahem* example of Money Don't Buy You No Class.

    For $10,595, I would go get TWO custom saddles done. And bridles.

    And then go to Starbucks.

  5. and I thought Devoucoux's were expensive.

    How do western people PAY for these things?? do the catalogs come with credit applications?

    I have 6 horses and "been in it" for over 20 years. I think I can honestly say I have NOT spent that much in TOTAL on my tack. I've got nice tack including Beval's strap work, and a bit box that requires a stretching warmup before lifting. Once you add in other stuff like tack trunks, halters, blankets, buckets, yeah, we've laid out $10k.

    Even our HORSE VAN didn't cost that much!

  6. Darn you SCAeq, this made me go look at the eye candy on the Harris website.

    There's a CM saddle with square skirts, black ostrich seat and accents, and nail heads in a black accent line...

    Ok, so NOW I have to figure out how to make Faux scale ostrich AND figure out how to con Kirsteen Haley to tool some parts for me to assemble AND figure out how to pay for it all.

    thanks for nothing... :D

    Hmm, I have a friend who's learning to tool in the KH style. Maybe she's willing to experiment...

  7. Yeah, that saddle is freaking cool. I want to make one for models!

  8. CP- for that price I can buy a nice Stray Dog saddle, a wool felt pad, a new bridle and likely a new horse to put it all on. I'll meet you at Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee and from there we'll go to sushi. My treat! ROFL!

  9. WAY too busy and it's pink....YUCK! I guess if you are a big time trainer, clinician, author, or a horseperson with tons of money to throw around and you actually "like" busy and pink saddles....I'm thinking that's a very small market niche though!

  10. I love it (it being the sounds this site causes me to make)... I made a sound like a sick bird, "AWWK!"

    I could think of a lot of better uses for $10,595.00...

    I am Boyfriend


    DD and THEN sushi?

    Hmmmm..... maybe hit the pub FIRST for a couple pints? How's that for a backassward evening?

    Seriously, I also hate those teeny tiny silver horns. With all the bling, it just looks like it's overcompensating.... ahem

  12. Dude for that price it had better sh*t rainbows or something. Maybe colored Easter Eggs too.

  13. It is a Harris people! I would want it if it was tie dyed paisley!!! worth every penny.

  14. Lose the pink and that is a mighty fine show saddle, though I'm not a western person. I can't see paying that much - for a 10th the price one could get a very good saddle, a reasonably priced TB or SB off the track and spend the rest of the money on feed.