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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Proper accessories make the outfit...

Yeah, they can make it perfectly hideous! ENGLISH bridles in blue, pink, and purple. Why? They look to be made of that lovely Indian made cardboard leather with the painted surface. The ones that feel like they will fall apart in your hands at any moment. Yuck. Now, I have seen some nice biothane tack in bright color marketed to endurance riders, and I can see the function there, it makes it a lot easier to see you in the woods or along the road. But, there is no excuse for these.


  1. OK, biothane tack made for endurance riders was my first thought but you said they're LEATHER? I've never seen colored (painted) leather that looked good.

  2. BWAHAHAHA....where are these???

    I might have to get a purple one to take along next time I visit my traditional english friends.....LOL....just to horrify them!!!

    I'd use one, just for giggles.

  3. But they're pretty!

    Yeah, painting leather is just stupid.

    I'd like biothane tack that looked a little more like traditional leather tack, add the fun colors, now that you mention it. Until then, paint away, India, paint away!

    I am Boyfriend

  4. Who is buying this crap? I've never seen anyone with stuff like that!

  5. Oh, hey, and notice, even cardboard junk from India, they pre-suppose you are going to tie your horse's mouth closed! What does that say...?

  6. The first one looks to be biothane and would be OK the other two are cheap leather and uuuuuugly.

  7. If you really hated George Morris, you would put one of these on your horse at one of his clinics.

    Then he would have a massive stroke.

    Can't say as I blame him....

  8. Why does looking at the purple one make Barney's theme song run through my head?

    Cattypex: hahahahahaha hehehehe he *holding sides gasping* I can just see his face!

  9. Actually, he might not have a stroke...

    .... he might just go all Chuck Norris on your ass and roundhouse kick you over an oxer....

  10. Well, I'll cut the first one some slack, it's nylon.

    But WHY OH WHY is it impossible for "colored" english tack to not look like cardboard crap? It's still ugly, buy why does it have to be poor quality on top?

    Hey, kids, as I've mentioned before, I make scale tack. I need a gaming saddle, so I'd like some NON-tacky tack photo references for one. Flashy is OK, just not gaudy. Suggestions of websites? email me if you don't wanna clog up the comments here:

  11. what about a red white and blue bridle to go with the Stars and stripes and Union jack saddles featured a few months back?

  12. They make those in nylon, I'm pretty sure of that.


    Found a really tacky saddle.

  14. You are right; there is no excuse.....I could see biothane but not leather or whatever it is....

  15. I must say that I would agree with all (especially the cheap leather pink one, yuck!) - except for the first one.

    That is not leather - It is a Zilco race bridle.

    Zilco is pvc coated nylon. :p

    I love Zilco equipment lol.

    ~ an eventer/endurance rider. :)