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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Oh my, pink overload. Multiple shades of pink too, hot pink seat, reddish pink swells, purple-pink skirts and fenders. Not to mention the matching accessories. The silver spots are a nice touch too, don't you think?

Feeling better today, a good long soak in a hot tub helped me out a great deal, combine that with a Flexaril and a handful of Advil before bed, and I feel almost normal today.


  1. Glad you're feeling better today. :)

    I think the North Americans people who make order these things from India and Pakistan and wherever else to sell here must only have some vague idea of what a saddle should look like. I mean, aside from the hideous mix of colors and materials we see - pieces of crap like this look like a tenth-grade home ec project. Who is designing these?

  2. Happy to hear it's better today. Fibro is such a difficult illness to deal with.

    On the saddle: the pink (suede?) inside the stirrups is just too funny. They will look soooo nice after being ridden in for a week.

  3. Always good to hear someone feeling better no matter what the cause of the affliction.

    This one doesn't look so bad. I may even be able to stomach it, depending on the quality (which seems lacking), but why the colored seat on everything. What happened to the good old, tried and true Plain Janes?

  4. I actually like the silver spots :-}
    Not the colour(s) though.
    Glad you are feeling better today.

  5. lol an ex friend of mine has that saddle except its light oil leather and the little rhinestones are pink, along with the seat and stirrups. I find it hidious and unpractical, its also made pretty cheap.

  6. More like the scary fuschia and burgundy saddle. Ugh