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Friday, January 22, 2010

F*#k it Friday

Yes, it is indeed F - It Friday. I am so sick of drama, hell its not even MY drama. It only indirectly involves me.

So in honor of F - It Friday, I am posting just random pics of Tacky. You folks can snark, I am out for the weekend!


  1. Wow,one of my dream saddles made it to Tacky blog. I totaly must be a tasteless person. I dream of blue Barefoot treeless :)
    (and a blue-white-black coored Podium XT)

  2. WHAT is the point of that crazy animal print stripe saddle pad? It's contour, you'll hardly even be able to SEE the animal print! (Thank God!)

    And why is it that I can't seem to find a nice hunter green contour saddle pad to save my life, but they make it in ANIMAL PRINT?!

  3. So, that thing on the third down that was making me go 'what the heck is that' is a Barefoot?

    I have a friend who just dumped one of those. Wow. I don't get why she bought it in the first place!

  4. OK, 4 animal prints in one saddle pad is just to much. maybe if it was only one it would be fun, but this just no

  5. I hope the animal pad was printed that way. The idea of seams going across does not make me happy.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. The treeless saddle may look tacky, but they are very comfortable to ride. I have one, but its light oak in color.

    I also have one colored like the one below it, I use it as a 'first' saddle. It was cheap, and I don't care if it gets messed up (paid $35.00 for it)

  7. I actually kinda like the first one. A little less on the stripes and it wouldn't be so bad. Minus the striped pad of course, but still not heinous like a lot of the rest.

    The four print pad though? No thanks. Like Ruthie said- the seams and their placement could cause sore spots and issues.

    The treeless thing- no words, just sounds. Not good ones, so I think you can guess. Same with the purple one.

    The last one wouldn't be so bad if it were toned down a bit too. Not a fan of ostrich skin.

    And I think I figured out why they use it on the seat- think about the girly bits it would be in contact with... maybe it is intended to give you more pleasure out of each ride.

    Sorry for ruining everyones weekend. ;)

  8. Not a fan of cutouts, but that last saddle isn't as awful as a lot we've seen. No cutouts on the pommel swells would be better still. If it was a gift, I might actually use it and keep it if it was comfortable for me and equine. I would never buy it, though.

    I think barefoots are interesting and have their place, but seem to be one of the treeless models that require a smaller rider. I am not. So I've not tried, and can't comment. For a treeless or bareback pad, I can tolerate the colors.

    Don't like the other three, not as hideous as some things... and agree the animal print pad as is is totally pointless.

    Question on the purple... I might use a cheaper or older saddle the first time a horse is saddled/ lunged in a saddle, but still try to make sure it fits nicely. I will ride in the best fit for the horse saddle from the beginning, even if that means my $1,400 saddle or a $500 one I pick up used to fit him. I think a horse is best behaved when comfortable, and will like being ridden a hell of a lot more if the saddle doesn't bridge, pinch, whatever. I do think rider weight matters a lot for this, too, though, and I am not as light as I once was...
    Do most of you use a cheaper saddle to start a youngster, or use a better saddle if it fits the horse better, and run the risk of a bustup on your better tack?

  9. I would ride in the barefoot. I don't think I would pay what their sticker price is for one in blue, but I would pay maybe used price for one if I were looking.

    The purple one makes me cringe! Nothing about it looks correctly put together. The tree looks roughly v shaped!

  10. That barefoot saddle believe it or not has to be the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in.

  11. Barefoot actually has a site where you can design a "custom" Cheyenne. I've spent many an moment there making positively horrendous color combinations I'd never be caught dead sitting on like the pink, gold, red, blue and green one.

    ... I was bored. Sue me.

    I did have a Barefoot Cheyenne, but since sold it on since it didn't quite work out that well for my wide horse, and am awaiting a Sensation treeless saddle which has a better twist. Barefoots are decent saddles, they just don't work for everyone, and I like treeless because my hard-to-fit pony moves better in them.

  12. Hello, Mitch's owner...didn't know you were over here. Should have guessed ;).

  13. what's the custom barefoot color site?

  14. I've actually got that last one... In a different color, though. Mine is medium oil with red ostrich skin... I'm not really a fan of ostrich skin, but I like the saddle. I use it on my barrel mare -- first barrel saddle I found that had plenty of room to accomodate her huge withers!

    The first one makes me gag as is, but maybe it wouldn't look so bad if it was a darker oil?

  15. LOVE the barefoot! That is, if I liked treeless saddles...but I digress. The other stuff is fairly painful. Wow, the more I'm on this site, the more I reconsider getting those tiedye bell boots...