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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Weather

Sorry for the no post yesterday, we had a snow day and I was out playing with the dog! This morning there is a half inch to inch thick sheet of ice under a dusting of snow, so not going anywhere today! Here are some non-tack pics to enjoy!


  1. I love your dog's coat - so nice to see a doggy coat that is a bit colourful rather than just plain and drab as they usually are.

    Looks toastie warm and he/she looks very happy in it.

    Am envious of your weather as we're in our Summer and roasting.

  2. I too love your puppy's coat! Very dashing. Looks like a good time was had by all :)

  3. I agree with the others, your dogs coat is great!

    I am a groomer here in Utah and that kind of coat would sell like crazy here!

  4. Cute doggie coat! :) He looks so happy.

    We are about 100 miles north of the mess - but we have had SUN this weekend for the first time in forever. Who cares if it's 8, if the sun's out?



  5. I actually made that coat myself from some remnant fabric. It has bells on the corners of the slits that allow freedom of movement for her front legs. I call it her Doggie Elizabethan or the bitty 'bethan. LOL

  6. Good on you for the normal dog coat. My sister got my poor dog a santa outfit. So embarrassing.