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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Overall, not too bad really, still WAY too pink for me. Might be OK for a little girl. Hate the hearts though. And not only that, it looks rather cheaply made too.


  1. Certainly better looking than some of the other pink "stuff". My opinion is that I wouldn't buy a high quality saddle for a child. They usually don't take care of it and they outgrow it anyway.

  2. Pink is bad enough, but the hearts just ruin it for me. I agree with Drillrider. A smaller adult saddle gives more years service anyway.

  3. The hearts, blech.

    The pink, blech.

    Combination of the two- hork, gag, cough, sputter & hurl.

    Yep, that about sums it all up.

  4. Off topic, but this scares me.....that baby is so small it is microscopic on that HUGE horse:

    No helmet, no adult holding the horse. If the horse sneezes, that baby is TOAST!

  5. I am always amazed at the never ending pink saddles.

    Drillrider - unbelievable!

  6. Agggch.... gagging here, that saddle is just horrible. Why are there soooo many pink saddles out there?

    Drillrider - that is unbelievable **headdesk**

    That horse would only have to shoo a fly and that child is history - why do people think that putting a small child (baby) atop such a large animal makes them appear more saleable?
    Reportable (to child services) I would have thought but otherwise just plain stupid (to the n'th degree)


    What's that? Please don't tell me this is a "big name" saddle brand?